The Next 700 ML-Enabled Compiler Optimizations
Kepler: Robust Learning for Parametric Query Optimization
HALP: Heuristic Aided Learned Preference Eviction Policy for YouTube Content Delivery Network
ProtNLM: Model-based Natural Language Protein Annotation
Differentiable Architecture Search for Reinforcement Learning
A Transferable Approach for Partitioning Machine Learning Models on Multi-Chip-Modules
Reverb: A Framework For Experience Replay
MLGO: a Machine Learning Guided Compiler Optimizations Framework
Tensor2Tensor for Neural Machine Translation
Dynamic control flow in large-scale machine learning
TensorFlow Distributions
Deep Probabilistic Programming
TensorFlow: Large-Scale Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Distributed Systems
Stylistic analysis of paintings using wavelets and machine learning
Image processing for artist identification